Picture: Low Voltage General Purpose & Buck-Boost Transformers

Low Voltage General Purpose (LVGP)

  • Single or Three Phase Low Voltage General Purpose Transformers
  • Resin encapsulated or ventilated casings provide flexibility in use-optional weather shields allow use of ventilated casing outdoors
  • Encapsulated totally-enclosed, non-ventilated enclosure ideally suited for use in indoor/outdoor areas that contain dust, moisture, corrosive fumes
  • Can be mounted in any position for indoor installations and in upright position for outdoor installations


Micron announces the introduction of our new Same Day Ship-From-Stock Program for Micron Enclosed General Purpose transformers. Over 90 distinct catalog items, including voltage matching buck-boost designs, are available for shipment from Micron inventory in our Illinois manufacturing facility. This new service-based program, along with our existing Control Transformer Stock Standard Program, will allow customers to obtain market-best service for their low voltage transformer requirements. Contact your local sales representative or info@microntransformers.com for details.

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