Micron Dinergy DIN Rail Mounting Voltage Sag Buffer and Mini-UPS


  • No-Maintenance Sag Protection
  • Optional External Backup Battery Pack. Up to 10 minutes
    (extra Battery Packs available separately)
  • Industrial Design and Construction; Compact Size with Rugged Metal Case
  • Standard DIN Mounting
  • 700 msec. Backup at 10A, (no Ext. Battery) 4 min. Backup at 10A (with Ext. Battery)
  • No fans for high MBTF
  • “DC OK” Signal
  • “CHARGING” Indicator LED
  • Circuit and Damage Protection
  • Meets:
    UL/C-UL, EN 50081-2, EN 61000-6-2

Reliable DC Power is critical to most automation solutions today. Loss of power can wreak havoc on data communication, product and process quality, and system productivity. Micron offers customers the ability to improve 24Volt DC reliability with the new Micron DINergyTM Voltage Sag Buffer – UPS product. This family of products can enable critical equipment to ride through many nuisance voltage sags and allow an orderly process shutdown in the event of a more sustained power loss.

The Micron Voltage Sag Buffer takes the guesswork out of power reliability for DC control systems and equipment, especially where power issues are difficult to quantify. Featuring a unique two stage Sag buffer plus optional battery back-up function, the product enables customers to address their specific power availability needs by selecting buffer time options in milliseconds to minutes depending on their environment, location or equipment.