management philosophy makes customer satisfaction a critical strategic priority, exemplified in our
20-year product warranty — double the industry standard.

Quality and Customer Service

Micron Power Delivery™ Quality

Transformers manufactured by Micron are electrically tested to the appropriate regulatory standards with automatic test equipment. This provides fast and consistent results as the products move through the inspection process. Each unit undergoes 100% electrical testing both before impregnation or encapsulation and again before being taken to Finished Goods inventory. Thorough production testing and substantial packaging for shipment assures that customers consistently receive quality transformers from Micron.

Quality is not assumed at Micron. Continuous improvement in both products and services is our business discipline, rigorously implemented and supported through weekly quality meetings with all production employees, aggressive process improvement projects, and continuous product design reviews. By establishing these routines as a mandatory way of life for all employees, Micron has driven awareness and ownership for the quality and health of our business throughout the organization

Customer Service

Micron’s Customer Service group operates under the philosophy of “be responsive and easy to do business with.” Micron works hard to make transactions as easy as possible and the Customer Service department is structured to assist the customer in this regard.

Customer Service is comprised of personnel with an average tenure of 17 years at Micron. Response time from Micron can often be measured in minutes. The location of the Customer Service staff within the manufacturing facility means that information and actions taken on pending shipments is based on real-time information gained from both electronic communication and onsite personal intervention.

The Micron Customer Service team has excellent technical expertise to provide on-the-spot answers to the majority of application and design engineering questions.

Micron ships customer orders as soon as they are completed unless the customer dictates otherwise. Suggestions aimed at cost savings are also provided when critical shipments necessitate other than standard freight methods. Micron can also provide custom bulk packaging to assist the customer’s plant floor needs.

In today’s post-recession market with minimal inventories maintained by OEMs and distributors, Micron understands the need to be flexible and responsive to sudden variations in demand for our products.

Although Micron prefers to develop a strong working relationship with its customers’ appropriate supply personnel to develop demand forecasts or other planning tools, we recognize that forecasting, production scheduling and inventory control are less than perfect, and that customers can have unpredictable requirements.

When “surprises” happen, we adjust our production schedule to resolve and accommodate order variations. Our primary customer service goal is to assure that an unfulfilled requirement for transformers does not cause customer production interruptions and delays.